Heavy Hauling, Hot shot & Logistics
Midland, TX

Whatever you need to transport, move and deliver, the answer is LCG Oilfield Trucking Services trucking and logistics services in Midland and Odessa TX. We bring unmatched expertise, equipment and service to the industry. Simply stated, we bring to you smart options to get the job done fast, right, safely and on time.

At LCG Oilfield Trucking Services, we never compromise on safety. Whether it is our CSA score or driver behavior, safety is a core and foundational part of our business culture. We make sure that all our trucking fleet is well-maintained to ensure high performance and safe operations. We provide you with the best trucking and logistic services because we understand the demand and nature of the industry.


A Trusted Name

Our quality of services, efficient management and business ethics has earned us a stellar market reputation. We take pride in being the first choice for trucking services in and across the state. All you have to do is tell us when and where you want us to deliver your load and we’ll make sure that it is delivered as needed and to your complete satisfaction.


Hot Shot Services — Delivering Goods Safely and In a Timely Manner

At LCG Oilfield Trucking Services, we offer clients a wide range of trucking services according to their needs and requirements. We understand how crucial it is for industries like oil and gas to transport equipment, goods and supplies from one location to another and in a timely manner. And this is why we offer you a well-designed and reliable hot shot process that is in conformance with high safety and quality standards. We are committed to providing top-of-the-line service in every part of the hot shot delivery process, which includes retaining experienced drivers to take the wheels of our fast and efficient hot shot fleet of trucks. We can provide you with reliable service that you can count on to ensure your freight is delivered efficiently and safely where it needs to be.


Heavy Hauling Services — Specializing in Transporting Difficult Loads

We are your total trucking solution. No matter what the size or shape of your load may be, you can transport any kind of load with us. At LCG Oilfield Trucking Services, we specialize in transporting difficult loads safely to their desired destination. We have the proficiency to haul dimensionally exclusive and extremely challenging loads swiftly. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals utilizes technologically advanced heavy hauling trucks to load and deliver your cargo in a fraction of the time. So, whether your freight is oversized or overweight, we have you covered.