Crude Oil Hauling
Midland – Odessa, TX

Specializing in crude oil hauling services, we are a trusted, locally-owned and operated company based out of Midland and Odessa, TX. We are committed to providing high-quality services to crude oil producers and companies by meeting the evolving needs of oil field hauling with outstanding reliability, transparency, customized solutions and on-time service. And that is not an overstatement.

To deliver what we promise, we continue to invest in our people and fleet to ensure that we have the equipment and capacity to meet the servicing needs of our clients without any limitation.


Large, Well-Maintained Fleet

At LCG Oilfield Trucking Services, we have a large fleet of well-maintained and up-to-date tankers and trucks with an outstanding capacity for transporting crude oil with complete safety. Put simply, with us, you can experience a safe, unrivaled and organized hauling service.


Our dedicated maintenance group is exclusively focused on preventative maintenance for all active tankers, trailers and trucks to keep our fleet in an impeccable condition. Under preventative maintenance, our team performs in-house inspections, necessary repairs, and modifications to the units, as needed. Not only does this allow timely turnaround of our fleet but also the assurance that our fleet meets all the quality controls and standards.

Furthermore, all the trucks in our fleet are up-to-date. They are equipped with latest GPS monitoring systems and electronic dispatch and ticketing software, thereby ensuring unmatched monitoring service and efficient reporting. Our fleet is also equipped with spill stop systems and alarms for safety purpose.

For more information on our crude oil hauling services, get in touch with us today by calling (432) 661-6255.

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